Tuesday, February 12, 2013

You are the wind beneath my skirt

I always admired my Grandmother. I would sometimes watch her watching me and think "Wow she looks so happy and she doesn't even have one of these cookies to eat.". Now I know the truth, she was smiling because later she was going to be rolling on the floor laughing over the stuff the Grand kids did and said that day.
Today one of the kids in this house "crop-dusted" his brother and I discovered a whole world of language I did not know exists within the vocabulary of your average 10 year old. Do you know what "crop-dusting" has become? To me it conjures a picture of a bi-plane with chemicals in it's hold spreading DDT on our corn back in the day. Nowadays it means to run past someone and fart. There are several degrees of farting now also, everything from a "puff bomb" to a "shart". I do love to keep abreast of the latest trends in bodily function naming.
This generation seems to have a lot more to say than we did in my day. Farts were disgusting and you never owned up to one. These boys seem to delight in farting. They tell each other all about them and whenever one of them actually produces sound with the air it is like the most hilarious thing they have ever heard. I would think it is a lack of training or manners but their friends and cousins are the same. Maybe it is the fault of too much information, everybody knows everybody farts so what's the big deal? They showed me an iguana fart in the bathtub video on youtube tonight.
It is true, you learn more when you listen than when you talk.
Today I learned little boy's are gross.

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