Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Women of the world unite

My fake son-in-law grin gifted me with his old computer from deployment days this Christmas. I named it Black Bart. Partially because it is very black and partially because it is depressingly difficult for me to figure out how to work it. Since this can NOT be my fault in any way, the computer has been dubbed a name that reflects it's propensity for stubborn logic and refusal to bend to my whims.

I decided last week that Bart needs to get in touch with his feminine side so I have been looking for one of those skins for laptops. Maybe a kinder gentler Bart will be nice and run for me.
While I was looking for skins Brittany walks up and accuses me of emasculating Joel's computer.  So before he sees it and flips let me warn you : I'm not going for sex change here, I just want to make it look a little less "regulation army".
Not rainbows and screaming gay pride, but not I am a man so you must bow to my manliness black.
A little bending to the will of the dominant female in the building would be nice.  When I click anything on the screen I want results, not lip. I'm sick of the no results or warnings I don't understand.
I haven't found one that is a winner yet but I am leaning toward the chuzzle ball in purple.

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