Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tires and Heaters and Trash Oh My!

Today is black Tuesday. I went to the grocery store and came out to a flat tire.

I was at the store for the bank. Which I had accidentally overdrawn..opps.

Brittany called and the heater is out, kaputt, no workee. Xcel energy says if we have a working water heater, it is not their problem.

Yesterday the trash men skipped our block, again. So we called today and they said

OK we will send out a supervisor (to see if you are telling the truth?).

Basically, it has rained poop today. AND there is no snow.

In Colorado

The Mile High City

and it's like 28 degrees outside. But no snow.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

early what?

So we had an early Christmas at my daughters house. Since I survived that, I can live through anything. On the way home Kale said, and I quote: "I was a little angel at the early Christmas". I told Brittany to step on the gas so we would be missed by the lightning bolt which was sure to follow. The kids were actually very close to good, however angelic was NOT on the list of adjectives I would apply to any description of their behavior. For some reason the turkey did not turn out and took 2 extra hours to be done. All the kids were starving and very crabby by the time food was available. Also, the trip was punctuated by several whining complaints about how the kids were "bored". I don't want to get on that subject because it makes me very angry. Later after we got home and they quieted down to a dull roar spinning lightsabres and all, we discussed the merits of "angelic" silence.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's begining to look a lot like crisis

It is 6:35am and I am up and not functioning in a good way. Because we have no water! What a crap morning.
Before 8am I have to:
Go to work
Wash my hair and other places in the restroom sink
Go to the bank at 7am and make a deposit
Call the water company  and  possibly schedule the water back on today
Then start my workday
Perhaps this is a good day to call in sick?
The whys of this are not as important as the logistical snaffu of it. I get home at 5 or so every evening. The water company closes at 5:30. Do the 1/2 hour math on this one while holding on the phone for "the next available representative" after the 23 minute button pushing session to English, account #, what did you want, I'm sorry that is not a valid entry, marathon. Yea, they got cha. At 5:30pm exactly the phone cuts off and says that they are now closed. Now don't get me wrong this is not a rant on the water company, I created this problem by choosing to eat over paying the water bill but come on guys could you make it any harder to pay? No they could not.
This will educate me for bill collectors in the future. I am modeling my answering machine after the water company's.