Friday, October 15, 2010

The 5th Monday of the week.

This week has sucked beyond all reckoning. Monday (the first one) I almost lost my job over something I did at work 3 years ago. I billed a company for a $210.00 per hour job at $ 210.00 a day. Needless to say the boss was involved in the discussion on how badly I screwed up. ( I wanted to say, "Gee maybe if someone noticed sooner, this would not have happened." But since that would probably have been the first nail in my coffin, I didn't say that. )
Tuesday (or second Monday as I like to think of it) Kale and Phoenix threw up on the way to school. While Phoenix was laying on the floor that night feeling really ill, Kale beat the dog snot out of Phoenix to the point that it looks like Phoenix was beaten by one of us older, stronger adults. His face, arms, and neck look terrible. To understand how horrible this is you have to understand Phoenix will be a fiction writer when he grows up. He has already started telling tall tales to me about how his mother "slapped him" out of his highchair when he was 3 because he would not eat. First of all, I would have made mince meat out of her if she had touched him. Secondly, if you saw Phoenix you would know he has never missed a meal and will eat virtually anything that doesn't crawl off the plate he is like 108 pounds at 8. So I knew we would be in for it either way when he got to school on Wednesday because the first thing the school does when a kid comes in with obvious marks is march that child down to the social services officer to be questioned. Seriously, he can not tell the truth that his 5 year old 38 pound brother whipped his fanny. That would be humiliating. So I could just see the police and Social services all over us. I spent the evening making him admit the truth to me over and over so we would not be facing jail time come Wednesday.
Wednesday when we got home from work there were news cameramen all over our block. Yes, we live in a crappy neighborhood with crack houses, knifing, shootings, gangs, etc.. But not that bad. I didn't think. So before we could go to the second job we had to hide out in the house waiting for the paparazzi to clear out. Meanwhile, I hear a giant screaming fit upstairs (that would be Kale). I'm talking loud. The paparazzi probably came down to our house at that point. Phoenix had turned on the second TV and it was louder than Kale's video game which of course could not be tolerated.
Thursday I had a doctors appointment. "lose weight, bla bla, exercise bla, hows your diet... bla bla"
Today is Friday. Half the job sucks and I work on that side. I forgot my lunch. My boss skived off after 10 am to go golf. The substitute dispatcher is the only guy working here I can't stand. I have a pounding headache and it is only noon.
Lunch break is over... back to work.