Friday, August 20, 2010

The day has arrived!

I bought myself a video camera.
I have wanted one since I borrowed Joshua's VHS camera and took several tapes of Dakota age 3 then, now 14. It was like heaven then and it was the size of a toaster. Now my camera is finally here and it is the size of my wallet.
It is very small and wonderful. Robert even gave me a memory card for it. I feel like all I need is a few weeks to learn how to take video's and I will be all set!

I also am finally done with the Pneumonia! The month of August is and has always been my least favorite month. Hot, hot, hot. Long. and hot. I hate hot. I do not have a/c at my house and the one at work doesn't work in my area. Of course it is an Arctic frost maker, but in the front where I sit it is at least 20 degrees hotter than everywhere else in the building. And the Pneumonia has lingered like leprosy or something. Also with it came diarrhea from the antibiotics.
So the month I most dread has morphed into a giant crap festival with a coughing hack on top.
But it is in the past now and I am glad I lived to tell of it.
The Princess will be 5 on Sunday!!
Happy Birthday PPP

Friday, August 6, 2010

The passing of a Father

For those of you who randomly search my engine from time to time. Warren, the father of my children has passed away.
The girls have been very upset over this and they all went to Utah for a gigantic funeral / family reunion.
I remember when my dad passed, and everyone thought I should not be upset. We were not close but he was my father.
Some of his personality rubbed off on me from constant exposure. I am sure some of Warren's personality rubbed off
on the girls during his every-other weekend visits. But soon the tears and sadness will settle down and they will learn to live with the consequences of not having a dad around. I never saw my dad that much after leaving home. But still, having
one you knew was there was comforting. When the kids used to visit, I sent his childhood Christmas Stocking with them one year so he could have it back. I had found it in our Christmas Decorations box and did not want to do anything
to it or with it, so I sent it back. He actually called me and thanked me as his mother made the stocking herself and he had used it for years and years.

A great number of people came to the funeral and other services. As all of them are in Utah, there is a big meeting today and tomorrow for the family.

Good bye Warren, I wish you well in the sky.