Thursday, April 14, 2011

The blog is broken

For almost a year this blog has been broken. I don't get it, and I can not seem to fix it. SO
I am creating a new blog asap and I will link it with my Facebook page (when i say i i mean I will have Tobi do it)

Friday, April 8, 2011

I won't stand for it

So... the last 2 time the P.P.Princess came over we had a blood crisis. As in her cute little bowhead had a meeting with some boy toy / weapon here and she came away worse for wear.  This weekend BD is going to Tobi's and I just DO NOT want to see blood.
As in none, not gonna stand for it, no accidents.
At all.
Did you get me boys? No starwars lightsabre to the heads. No rocks to the anything. No fake or real weapons doing a flying representation of an explosion. No head-long leaps from darkened corners. Just once play nice and be safe for 24 hours. You can do this. I know you can.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easter Madness

Ware the week!
Easter approaches.
Go Bunnies go.
I keep trying to get in the Easter mood and I am sadly failing. So I went to Walgreens today at lunch because they always have the greatest Easter stuff. However, the stuff was out of my price league and I ended up with 2 little hopping bunnies @ .99 each. They are way cute... and they hop.
This weekend Britt is taking the kid0's down to Colorado Springs with her sister so they can all go see HOP.  In preparation we have been watching on demand pieces of HOP. It looks real cute.
I'm still not sure why I can't get the Easter thing going. Maybe it is cuz I don't have out any decorations?
Maybe I'll do that tonight. Last night I sorted clothes in my Ambienadiditty. So I could not find sock one this am. I had to go upstairs and pilfer sox from BD.
This is when it pays to be a senior... you can claim you lost your sox!

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Yes     it is round 2 of Strep and the Princess is kicking it off with a fever and a foul look.

Phoenix whines incessantly and just in case they didn't get it last time, BD took Kale

over to his Dad's house to visit his sisters! Those of us still in economic shock from

the last round will certainly be having a grand time paying for anti-biotics this time.

We just washed the whole house in clorox 2 in time for the second coming of the flu.

Tylenol and Ibprophen come on down and fly into the faces of the sick. Begone fever.

Let loose bowels flow and sore throats scratch, let it rain sprite and snow popcicles.

It's Back

Monday, March 21, 2011

NIX on the paperless book

I have been reading Game Of Thrones for 2 weeks.

These are really good books. However, I bought them as an electronic book version so the only place I can read them is on my PC.

The laptop officially belongs to BD, so mine is the desk top edition.

I can't read it anywhere except in my media room in a VERY uncomfortable chair.

Therefore, even though I really like the 2.8 books I have read so far; My bottom and back will forever associate Game Of Thrones with pain.

It is also hot in this room. My roommate used to complain how cold this room was.

If you lit the thing on fire it might be hotter. The vent for the heater got shut and covered when she moved.

Then I moved a fan in there. Now I want to sit around naked with an ice cold drink in there. (Go ahead… scrunch up your face and give a full-body shudder.)It's what I'm doing too.

Anyway the next book I buy will be the paper variety unless I can afford a portable e-reader because this butt even well padded as it is has issues with hard chairs.

And I want mobility in my reading.

And I want freedom to move to a more convenient spot

without children.

Where no one can read over my sholder, hint, hint Brittany.

Even though I should just buy a new computer chair, I still want the book to move with me. Maybe my next giant splurge will be a Kindle or some such device but for now I am NIX on the e reading and back to the paperback.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A bit o' luck would be nice.

Today is St. Patricks day. I am not sure where this came from or why our country celebrates it, but Green is one of my favorite colors so I’m ok with it. The grandkids love the green and holiday too so it is a two-fer.

The business I work for is going under. You know how you can just tell? I can just tell. Nobody says anything about it or does anything and we are still buying and moving into the new location; but I can see a shadow on the wall. We are going down.

Working in accounting does this for you. 2 years ago we were buying cranes and land and other vehicles. Now we have to wait to pay bills and it’s like a major thing to buy a sticky pad. You don’t have to see the “Who moved my Cheese?” movie to see this one coming. It is totally scary for someone who lives paycheck to paycheck to see this kind of change and KNOW I could not survive if the worst case scenario did happen.

With that in mind BD and I are selling plazma. We are going to start Friday and see if they will take it. I’m taking Robert too to see if he can do it. Welcome to the recession. Get in line, nobody will be over to help you ever.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

FAT Tuesday

Being from New Orleans I thought of what day it is today and came up with hey it's Mardi Gras!
Fat Tuesday to be specific. So I threw out my tv dinner (88 cent) lunch and opted for Kentucky Fried Chicken.  It is a holiday, after all.
Ha! any excuse would do at this point. I burned the tv dinner. It was cheese alfredo tortellini with broccoli, so it really smelled bad. The center was still frozen but the edges were crispy. Explain that to me will you? How does a microwave which is supposed to cook from the inside out, make me some of this? You don't know either? I thought so.
But... I bet you have done it too. Haven't you? I thought so.
Lately my microwave turns out 2 things:
Totally nuclear meltdown   or
Won't cook through until after nuclear meltdown
In fact, I had a cup of cocoa last night that was all show, no good.
The cup was so hot I nearly dropped it and burned my palm good. The milk and powder inside was room temperature clumps floating in cold milk. Explain that if you can.
I also was trying to use up the stew from the crock pot weekend and got the same results.
The bowl was bubbling plastic with nuclear meltdown.. The stew had cold grease clumps in it.
Time to upgrade the nuclear wessle.

Friday, February 18, 2011

work work work

Life just doesn't get any better than 4:30pm on Friday. As the weekend stretches out before me I ponder what to do for 2 whole days and come up with     Nothing! Ah nothing. I love nothing. The really big choices this weekend may just come down to:
1 hammering up the cable holders I bought last week
2 touching up the white paint in my newly painted media room
3 laundry
chuck it all and start my own non-think tank with a romance novel.
No last minute rushes this week. No one is having a birthday. No silly holiday preparations. No car crisis. Ahhhhh the boring life. I love it. When I'm done I may take a nap.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Woo Hoo Valentines Day. I have never had much going on for this day. So usually I buy some sort of chocolate or balloons for the kids and go from there. This year I wanted to compose a little poem for all the kids and grandkids in my life:
Valentines are for loving and I have 14 people who love me
They come in all sizes from great big to small
They don't ever do what I tell them at all
They ruffle the furniture, eat out of the fridge
play video games till midnight, wrestle ... the kids
They're often quite messy and unusually loud
These offspring of mine, make me quite proud

Monday, February 7, 2011


I love sumo wrestling. It is a rare man who will put on a small apron (only) and go head to head with another man. There is a little guy in the ring with them and his main function seems to be to scream those two large guys into action and beat them with his fan. It is all over pretty quickly with the cleverest man still standing and the other eating dirt in the yard. I really like this sport. Mostly because I have no idea how to speak Japanese and yet I understand whats going on.
Today I watched the Superbowl. It isn't the first time I have watched the Superbowl but it is the first time I have slowed down the dvr long enough between commercials to notice the players. Wow. Those are some big boys. Such meaty large bodies dressed in tight spandex. The players square off at each other and run forward to knock each other down or take away a ball from each other. Problem: there is only one ball.  At least 1/2 the team plays at the same time too. It was like sumo wrestling but with a ball, clothes, and helmets.
The little Japanese guys in the dresses who normally stand in the middle have been replaced by men in striped shirts. They have little scarfs to throw down when they are really pissed. Almost immediately after the one with the ball stops yelling, everyone takes off running at each other and the striped men blow their whistles and throw the scarfs. I think real men would have been able to scream the players into doing what they want them to (like in real sumo wrestling), but hey this is America and whistles seem to get the job done. The striped men then single out whomever they want to punish and read a card on a loud speaker.
The men's hair isn't 1/2 as good in football as sumo, but they put ceremonial tribal marks under their eyes and pat each other a lot. Drinking and spitting are also a part of this game, but mostly by the ones wearing the spandex on the sides. Everyone gets a chance to play and they seem to spend most of the game moving players in or out of the ring. Several of them just sit on a chair at the side and yell.
So there you have it girls, football isn't so bad. Just picture those men all wearing little beaded aprons.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hate to break this to you, but Christmas is OVER.

Well hello TAX day!
Taxes are here and for those of us waiting for a refund... it is just like Christmas.
Only a month and a half late. Kind of reminds me of every man I have ever known. Oh, yes lets give them what they were praying for last month when it is too late to use it for Christmas. I just blew 5 months of income so now I can use my tax refund to pay all the normal bills I was ignoring for 2 months.
Great plan. I KNOW it's a plot. Why not give us the refund in June when we have recovered from the Christmas bills? We could have a vacation.
Ok, so with Tax Day comes an ultimatum. I'm gonna go postal and shoot up Rudolph if my neighbor's don't get the decorations off the lawn. If you can see green, pick up the deflated Santa and pack the lights in buddy... It's over.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter wonderland

Today the weatherman predicted 1 inch of snow.
He did not say it would be 1 inch per hour.
It is craptastic outside. The kids are very excited to miss school.