Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Night Sky Bunny

The days are hot here now, so are the nights. My room was so hot Monday I thought I would pass out. Tobi comes home from Utah today where she went to see her step sisters and Carrie Jo Mock. Sorry, Carrie you will always be Carrie Jo Mock to me. Anyway Carrie has a baby and she is so cute. And Tobi had basically a crappy trip so enough about that. I had a great time with the kiddies before she cut out on me so I am looking forward to more great times with the kiddies.
Britt shaved the boys heads in an effort to cool them off. They both look like a poodle gone wrong.
Maybe I should edit this comment?
OK they both look bald. Is that a kinder statement?
Anyway this blog was about night sky bunnyay. Doesn't it look cool?
Tobi did it of course. I majorly suck at blog backgrounds.
Broke as a joke, tired and bored. How are you?

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Yesterday I was busted big time running my mouth. Oh well, people who listen at doors never hear anything good about themselves. or is it self's? I think she already knew how I felt about her, but anyway today we had to go to that persons house AND I had to suffer with her roommate who smokes "UCK" for 4 hours while she sat in the front yard with her new dog. So I guess I paid for it..
I got lost on the way home too. I am called Miss-direction by anyone who knows me well. When I answer the phone at work and some truck driver from out of Colorado wants directions, I say "Please hold while I get someone who knows.".
Cause believe me, I do not know. I have spent most of my life in Colorado but that East, West, North, South thing does NOT work for my brain in any state.
But alas I have wandered off the path of the topic of this blog. Did I speak evil of my Daughter in law? Yes I did. Whether or not it is truth or speculation is another subject entirely but I still should have not done it. So I spent the day feeling guilty and holding the cutest baby I have seen since Cora Louise started looking like a toddler. Again I have wandered off the path of guilt and onto cuteness.
I guess I don't really feel all that guilty after all.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The next great Novella?

I am of 2 minds on the latest Twilight installment.
OK it was good, but it also was short.
It was worth reading, but the inevitable conclusion is: She dies.
I was donating to a worthy cause, but the price nearly blew my sox off.
A Novella for $10.00 at WalMart? Imagine what it is at Barnes & Noble.
If you are donating a dollar of every book to the Red Cross, it doesn't cost
you anything if you raise the price, so are you really donating; or am I?
On the one hand it is worth reading just about anything Stephanie prints
On the other hand, it left me wondering what happened to Fred.
My daughter is boycotting the book because it is so small and she feels cheated like Stephanie just slapped something together to appease those of us waiting for the next great work from this author. I am lazy, and starved for more, so I read it.
However, after reading it I do feel cheated ... a little.
Come on Stephanie, get off your laurels and write.